Monday, October 30, 2006

Sagano (Japanese Resort Style Café)

For discerning coffee and tea drinkers…. this off the beaten path café is one of the most Western places I have seen in Japan. It is serene and beautiful and I actually want to live here. It’s part San Francisco, part Japanese, part French, a former spa that was converted into a café on the first level and an art gallery on the second level… Exposed bricks, smooth, warm, hardwood floors, tiled fountains, candles, delicate bamboo, tiny little succulents in tiny white pots, and a garden with a beautiful maple tree,.. Oh, and the café au lait comes in a bowl with a wooden spoon. And the bathrooms smell like lavender and rosemary. They even stamp their toilet paper with their logo. I mean, really.

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estimmel said...

i hope you took a square of the tp and taped it in your sketchbook! :)

happy late halloween!

the marathone is tomorrow... gonna be lots of people here....