Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ine Funaya

Ine is the same village where I taught earlier this week. I went back to the picturesque part of town with Jannie and Bryn. The boathouses (funaya) sit at the edge of the Sea of Japan, and basically act like boat "garages".
The water was crystal blue green and the village was so quaint... narrow winding streets of traditional wooden Japanese homes. You wouldn't believe that the ocean is the backyard to these homes! It's pretty far and out of the way, which is why it is so well-preserved. We took a little boat excursion which brought us close to some of the private houses, fed the eagles and sea gulls that were following the boat, and enjoyed the perfect autumn weather. Seriously, life is good.


min said...

Oh, so jealous! =)

giuli said...

Hi Laurie. i have kind of a retarded question: the whole skype thing---do i have to make a date with you. paul said it works really well but being a big ass luddite i'm not getting it...i hope all is well have the kaki come out yet? eat about 700 for me mmmmmm love g