Sunday, July 30, 2006

I've arrived in Japan safely!

It's been nearly 24 hours but I have finally arrived in Tokyo!

A big thank you to Paul for accompnaying me all the way to the airport early on Saturday morning to send me off!!!

We are staying at the KEIO Plaza Hotel which is in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Unfortunately, I didn't have time (or the foresight) to exchange any money before I left the US, so here I am, pathetic and hungry in my hotel room. I wandered around for awhile and got a little overwhelmed by all the shops and lights and sounds and people and the cars on the opposite side.... I'm sure when I get to Miyazu, things will be a lot different.

Well, a few more days in Tokyo and then off to Kyoto-Fu on the bullet train! Once I arrive at my new apartment, I'll have to update you all and tell you the best way to come and visit.

Till then, thanks for all the support and love!



estimmel said...

yay! glad to hear you made it safe and sound. :)

anney said...

da pinti!, i just read everything about everything...this is phenomenal....congratulations on this new adventure...i can't stop smiling for you! will be sure to correspond the old fashioned way, as only we know how...let's just hope this time, it doesn't get lost in the mail...;) write soon, ciao, a dopo, sayonara!

Paul (the BF) said...

Nice to see that you're settling in. I'll be sure to back a few snacks before i visit you. see ya soon!

giuli said...

gambatte!! (good luck) you'll have a great time! awesome you set this up!

Cecilia said...

photos! photos! show us what you see!

vas-oooooo said...

"i must confess..." i am still in denial that you are like 500,000 miles away!