Thursday, July 27, 2006

2 days left... and my Japan Contact Information

So my last couple weeks in California were pretty awesome.... It was HOT and sunny and I'm burning the images of the greenery, rolling hills, blue skies and bluer waters into my memory.

It was great to see my family (welcome Kayla, my newborn niece!), the extended family at the red egg and ginger party, friends, former classmates and coworkers, and family friends (long live the Five Families!)...
San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast, as always, was a treat. I got my fill of Mexican food, clam chowder, coffee, and chocolate chip cookies from the old haunts. OK, enough of the shoutouts and yearbook like entry.

I'm back in New York City and I have two more days here. It's pretty hectic finalizing the last minute details when you're leaving the country for a year, but also really exciting. Last night was one of those truly New York moments- having drinks at a rooftop bar in midtown Manhattan, right under the Empire State Building. When I return, we'll have many more...

It'll be another year before I see many of you so please use this blog to keep in touch, leave comments, email me, or for those so inclined, write/send me letters, postcards, and care-packages (I know there's a few of you out there who still know how to correspond the old-fashioned way!!). I would also love to host visitors!

For more information on the program/my location, etc. read the next posting (Optional reading, etc.)

My contact information:

Email address:

Photo blog:

Apartment address (REVISED):
Laurie Cheung
Apartment 202, Takiba 244-1
Miyazu Shi, Kyoto Fu 626-0034

(Primary) School address (REVISED):
Laurie Cheung
Miyazu High School
Miyazu Shi, Takiba 23
Kyoto Fu 626-0034

When I get a fancy shiny new cell phone, I'll also post/send that out.

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pvdandt said...

Hey! Just came across this! Miss you guys! -Tom D