Sunday, January 10, 2010

Abridged Holiday Letter

The holidays of 2009-2010 came and went... I love having a new family to share it with on the East Coast! There was a lot of wonderful family time and lots of news!

A proper New England Thanksgiving in Williamstown (MA) with Mary- lots of food, fireside reading, comforters, and pine cone collecting.

My sister left New York for Denver (Boo!) but NYC will always heart KC

P's birthday/Holiday cocktail party was a success- we had a jolly, full house, our first Christmas tree, a blizzard, and berry merry martinis!

John & Sandy had a Christmas baby (hooray, Merry Birthday, Happy Christmas Alex!)

Festive holiday family dinner in Connecticut

And then we had a night of mock-parenting (our two subway-surfing loving nephews from MA stayed with us for a night)

Rang in the new year at Cubana Cafe and Flatbush Farms in Brooklyn! woot woot!!

Suraj, Glen, and I gorged ourselves during our traditional New Years Day dinner (Fatty Crab).

Happy 2010!!!

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