Sunday, January 04, 2009

a day in the life...

My first weekend of the year was perfect:

-Brunched at Extra Virgin in the West Village with Suraj & Glen. Split the Monte Cristo sandwich, banana french toast, and moroccan scramble since we were so ridiculously indecisive. Surprisingly all 3 of us made it there on time- and before noon!

-After the leisurely brunch, we went uptown to look at tourists and the big tree in Rockefeller Center.

-While in the nabe, we had to wander around Anthropologie... I tried on dozens of sweaters- ended up buying a set of gorgeous gold & orange salad plates and a cheery tangerine colored sweater.

-Tried to catch the end of the Van Gogh exhibit at MoMA but it was completely mobbed. We were mesmerized by the colorful large scale film in the atrium though.

-Instead of being cultural, we ended up popping in and out of the fancy schmancy places on 5th Ave... and on a complete whim- up to Bergdorf's 7th floor bridal salon! I've probably been in there once, and never imagined that I'd try on wedding dresses for the first time-- there! It was a blast though and I guess this is what many girls always dreamed of. S & G daintily snacked on the complimentary chocolates while I disappeared into a massive dressing room with a window (view of the LV building across the way). I shimmied in and out of these opulent, lavish gowns by Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang (each one cost about the same as a new car) and dutifully showed off each gown to S & G who dutifully oohed and ahhed (the Vera Wang was the unanimous favorite). Was it me, or did the carpet feel extra sumptious in those Manolo Blahniks? (another first). Wow- way to start off the wedding dress shopping- at the top!

-Came back down to reality by joining the common folk browsing through H&M and taking the subway downtown to Chelsea (We rode on one of the new "E" trains!!). Stopped in at Billy's for cupcakes and cakes (for sharing). Savored our sweets at Glen's apartment, helped him plant his New Years amaryllis.

-Finally headed home since I had made dinner plans with Jenny for that night. Caught up w/ P for about 15 minutes before J came over. She admired the new couch, and then we headed out again.

-The frigid wind unexpectedly caught us off guard so we just went to Tripoli the first/closest restaurant to my house. I had been planning on going to this Lebanese restaurant since we moved here, and I was soooo happy that we went! Poor (dim, fluorescent) lighting and very sketchy bathroom situation, but great food and a mellow vibe. Wasn't sure whether to be impressed or repulsed by the vividly painted murals covering all the walls and ceilings, but I'd definitely go back- just won't go to the bathroom unless I had backup.
I got the Malfouf which was OK, but J got the Sheik al M'ehshi which was delish, as was our combo appetizer with silky smooth smoky babaganouj, hummus, cheese, olives, falafel, and veggies... mmmmmm!!!

-Headed across the street to the closest bar for a drink. Well, Floyd was mobbed, so we went next door to Chip Shop. Unfortunately, the smell of fried fish permeates everything- your clothes, hair, etc. so not hot. Midnight came, the restaurant closed- man, Brooklyn closes "early"!! Walked J to the subway, and finally walked back into the apartment at 1am. What a long, full day- but so satisfying to have a free weekend!!

-Karen came over for brunch. Paul made his amazing frittata and I made rosemary potatoes and a fresh fruit salad. We went through at least 3 pots of espresso and finished off a carton of juice. It was a lazy afternoon of poring through wedding/bridal magazines and catching up. Stopped off at Trader Joe's and the local produce shop and then P made a fantastic homemade pizza for dinner. So wholesome!

Friends are back in town from the holidays and life should be getting back to normal when we all go back to our first full work week.

2009 is going to be good.

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