Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nothing To Declare

Not that I'm not busy enough, but I have also started writing for a webzine Nothing To Declare started by Jacki, a former coworker of mine. Ironically, I took over for her when she moved to Spain to teach and write, and then I moved to Japan to teach... They used to joke that desk was cursed... wonder how long my replacement lasted after me?!?

The mission statement: Nothing to Declare is a webzine started in November 2007 in Madrid, Spain. It is inspired by the unique experiences that occur when one is traveling or living away from one’s home. We look for original voices to bring these experiences to the masses.

My first and second postings.

Check them out!

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giuli said...

i had no idea you were writing for others as well! great postings--entertaining and insightful!!