Saturday, March 15, 2008

Absolut Machines

"A giant kinetic sculpture that composes music based on input from website visitors. Known as the Absolut Quartet, the musical machine is the creation of engineer-designers Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman and is part of Absolut Machines, a global technology project sponsored by the spirits company that asks, "In an Absolut world, would machines be creative?"

The Absolut Quartet's three-minute songs are not only surprisingly soulful but also visually stunning. When a chord is played, the rubber balls fly almost six feet into the air before hitting the marimba keys, making one suspect a squad of tiny, highly-skilled jugglers with meticulous timing lurking beneath. Other components include a series of wineglasses played by little robotic fingers and an array of robotic percussive instruments."

This is around the corner from my apartment. It's times like this when I love my neighborhood.

186 Orchard St.
Installation ends April 30

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