Thursday, October 11, 2007

New laundromat

I HATE the new place.
boo!!! hiss!!!

My old place closed down without any warning- the nice old Chinese guy and all the

First of all, I got there and it's $1.50 to wash! (didn't the old
place used to be $1.25?)
Then, i ask the ladies folding laundry for change, and they just
shrugged and pointed to the "change machine" in the corner. OH. oops.
So, I changed my $1 and got my 4 quarters.

So, here's a sidenote: I always throw my dimes and nickels in my
change purse so I can change them to quarters at the laundromat. So I
had 5 quarters in the machine and all i needed was another quarter for
the $1.50 wash- but I only had nickels and dimes left. So I asked the
folding clothes ladies if they would give me a quarter in exchange.
NO. They don't give change. WHAT?!?!?

so i went over to the lady selling pastries and sodas in the SAME
laundromat- all the way at the end- gave her the coins and asked if
she would give me a quarter. NO. She doesn't give change. WHAT?!?!?

I'm fuming, and started cussing them out, like what kind of laundromat
is this?!? I already have my money in the machine- all i need is a
freaking quarter. It's an even exchange!! it's not like I'm begging
them for the quarter.

Finally, one of teh folding ladies came over and said that this was
the only time she would do this- she pulled out a quarter in her
pocket and exchanged it for my coins.

I thanked her, but was still sooooooo annoyed. It's just an even exchange!

I guess I was used to the other place having supplied me with quarters
for all my loose change for so long.

Is that so wrong?!? Blargh.

otherwise, it was quite uneventful.
Digital times on the washers and dryers.
Fairly clean place, not so crowded, but then again, it was a Tuesday afternoon.

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