Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random photos (a day in the life)

Cute construction signs (I can't imagine Sciame or Martin Building Company having a sign looking remotely like this- Safety Officer Doug Pollock, please take note).

Taiko drumming- it's a cheap and easy way to have a good time, FAST. Drop 100 yen (or 200 yen for 2 people), pick a song, pick up the sticks, and start banging away at the drums in time to the music and the cute little color coded circles across the screen.

Anpanman: This character is famous and loved by all in Japan. Read more about him here. (highly recommended)

Onigiri- "rice balls" (more like "rice triangles") with different fillings such as tuna, pickled plums, salmon, fish eggs, etc... We lived on these cheap and easy snacks during our traveling. The packaging is ingenious- you peel off in 3 steps, so that the rice and seaweed are kept dry and separated until the moment you eat it. Pam, I hope you have moved on from eating these for dinner.

The "eastern toilet". It's no fun.


Sono said...

Anpan Man! I used to work for a Japanese owned company. There was a man who looked just like Anpan Man! Sad, but true. They sell little cookies shaped like Anpan Man, right Laurie?

Paul said...

I miss the onigiri! and the yummy green tea too! I'll taiko drum with you soon, Laurie!

Anonymous said...

Fun time! Anpan man used to be my favorite!